Tur til Borbjerg Mølle

Dear all!

The event at Borbjerg was not that success as we had planned. The weather was bad so after some consultation with the Danish Meteorological Institute and some discussions we decided to cancel the event. But the weather changed for the better Saturday afternoon, so Brian, Peter, Ejnar, Lars and I decided to fly to Borbjerg. It was too late for our Swedish and German friends, who had made other plans shortly before.
After some difficulties with the weather we landed at Borbjerg Mølle Kro 16:25. The runway is app. 285 m long and 18 m wide and have 2 slopes. It`s quite good for the gyros.
Borbjerg Mølle Kro is owned by Marlene, Mark and another couple. Mark welcomed us at the strip. Ejnar and Jan, who joined us for a couple of hours, flew a short tour with Marlene and Mark.

We arrived the Inn, which is located in a beautiful area between two small lakes. After getting a beer or two we got the keys for the rooms, which is very nice decorated with African effects.
After saying good bye to Jan we enjoyed our dinner, had some wine and much later a last beer.

According to the weather forecast we had plenty of time to enjoy our breakfast and check our gyros. The weather at Borbjerg was sunny and a week easterly wind.
After saying goodbye to Marlene and Mark for a lovely stay we flew from Borbjerg 11:50 and landed at the glider site, Arnborg, having Mogas. Here we had to wait another few hours due to bad weather in the east of Jylland and Fyn. It was a challenge to fly in that area, but flying low or high did it.

It will not be the last tour for Borbjerg Mølle Kro where you will meet a friendly atmosphere in a fantastic beautiful surroundings.
A great thanks to Marlene and Mark for a lovely stay.

Hope you will have a nice summer.

All the best